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What happens in a counselling session?   

The first session is an ‘initial’ session where we will look at what has brought you here and gather some basic information. Confidentiality will be carefully discussed and I will explain how I work and answer any questions you might have.

Counselling usually happens on a weekly basis as this allows time for the client to integrate what has happened and develop their external supports. For the client to receive the maximum benefit the weekly pace of counselling is important, however we look upon each client as individual and if more support is necessary we can make adjustments.

How is counselling helpful?  

Counselling provides a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to talk about what is troubling you to a professional who can be objective about your situation. This is different than talking to friends or family who may not be able to hear what you are saying clearly or who may get upset if you are upset. Counselling supports you to connect with yourself and work with your emotions in a healthy way, freeing you to lead a fuller and more enriching life.

What happens in a movement therapy session?

The first session is similar to an initial session in counselling. A regular session will usually consist of a combination of talking and movement. This is done slowly and sensitively with pauses along the way for the client to observe what is happening and to explore the arising feelings and sensations. The body takes the lead through movement and my job is to support the client and work with the emerging themes.

Is movement therapy suitable for everyone?   

Movement therapy is suitable for clients who wish to explore issues and include the body in that process. It is only ever undertaken in accordance with the client’s wishes and no previous movement experience is required. It is open to everyone.

How long will I need Counselling/Movement Therapy for? 

The length of time people attend counselling/movement therapy varies greatly; for some people a few sessions are enough while others might work with a counsellor for several months or longer. It is always the client’s choice as to whether they wish to continue and when they want to finish.

How much does counselling/movement therapy cost?

A fixed fee is charged per session. We also have a certain amount of reduced cost places for people on low incomes. Please ask about this when you call.

'You grow your strength, courage and confidence
by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.'

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