is a movement practice that is grounded in the map of the chakra system. For thousands of years the chakra system has supported human beings to find harmony and wellness through the union of body, mind and spirit, and they provide
a solid and spacious structure for various forms of moving meditation.
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The chakras are energetic centres that exist within the subtle body, and govern related systems and body parts. Each of the seven major chakra centres relates to a sphere of human experience; from grounding and becoming present in our bodies through to sexuality, power, love, communication, vision, intuition and connection with the divine.

These classes begin with a freestyle warm up, followed by a short movement excercise to tune into the chakra centres. This is enough to activate the centres which begin to move toward balance and release blockage/stress.

From there we move deeper into the dance where each persons individual and spontaneous expression is encouraged. Music and facilitation are designed to support this throughout the class.
Freestyle moving meditation offers a pathway to connect within, release stress  and become present to ourselves and others. It is a great way to take space, relax the mind and engage creatively with our lives.
Each persons individual expression is encouraged in the dance and supported with music and facilitation during the sessions.
Open to all, beginners welcome.
Carol McInerney is a qualified counsellor and certified movement therapist, holding an IACP recognised Diploma and trained in 5 Rhythms Movement Therapy with Andrea Juhan. She teaches and facilitates community groups and individuals on a regular basis, drawing on 14 years of dancing and studying conscious movement, ecstatic dance practices and the chakra system.
Body Waves
Weekly Open Drop-In Classes
Thursdays 19:30 - 21:00
St Kevins Hall
Bloomfield Ave
Portobello D8
These Thursday evenings classes are an exploration of mindful movement and dance meditation practice.
First Class    10
7Class Card  90
For more info please call Carol on +353 (0)86-1956331 or or email

Alongside this open class, Carol currently teaches moving meditation to the following groups; Gateway Mental Health Project, Headway, The Simon Community, KCCP Ladies Group, Lourdes Day Care Centre, Rialto Day Care Centre and Claddagh Senior Citizens Centre. She also facilitate workshops and sessions tailored to the specific needs of a group or project.  
The Chakra System in motion..